Technology Innovation: A Path to Smarter Talent Management

Want to get a better grasp on talent technology? Chatbots? Social search? Video assessment? Our new report offers a breakdown about this evolving and exciting space.

With examples of technologies influencing talent attraction and engagement, candidate evaluation and onboarding, and employee development and retention, the report provides survey data from 1,000 HR decision-makers about their current and future use of select talent technologies, plus perspectives on how to drive successful implementations.


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Evolving Talent Technology Brings Promise and Anxiety as Companies Struggle with the Pace of Change

Seventy-five percent of HR decision-makers believe their need for new technology puts them at a disadvantage in attracting and retaining talent. Understanding how innovations contribute value and impact is essential, and putting those innovations to work requires thoughtful implementation. It is not easy, however, as 94 percent of HR decision-makers experience challenges in keeping up with the latest talent technology trends and developments, and 93 percent find challenges in implementing new solutions and capabilities.

These findings, along with examples of technologies influencing all facets of the employee lifecycle, plus survey data on user adoption and insight on strategies focused on candidate and employee success, are available for immediate download in “Smart Power: A Glance at Evolving Talent Technologies.” The report covers key technologies, along with insights on the level of interest and commitment among employers in adopting them.