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93% of CEOs say culture has an impact on financial performance

PRWeek’s 2013 C-Factors study revealed that 96% of companies currently put effort into establishing their workplace culture, while more than half (56%) said that effort has increased over the past two years. Why the increased focus on culture? The survey found that 93% of executives believe that culture has a direct impact on financial performance.

This article provides information on how you can leverage culture to move the needle across multiple areas of your business, paving the way to:

  • Better recruitment
  • Better branding
  • Better engagement
  • Better financial performance

At Allegis Global Solutions, we understand the value of workplace culture. We’ve built a culture for talent within our walls that enables us to match exceptional people with top organizations in order to optimize their permanent and contingent workforces. Every day, in offices around the globe, we put our passion for talent to work to deliver innovative, client-focused solutions that make a difference for businesses.

Download our article to learn key research findings that can help you optimize your talent acquisition strategy.

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Download our article to see how culture impacts your bottom line.


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