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From Strategic Sourcing to Strategic Engagement

A comprehensive sourcing strategy is a key component of any recruitment solution. Understanding where your future top talent currently works, as well as the communities they participate in, enables proactive approaches to communication and engagement. Through effective channel management and measurement, it is possible to determine which avenues provide the best return on your investment and hone in on these. 

Statistics show that the average active candidate spends only six seconds reviewing a job advertisement, so catching their attention in that short period is the pathway to success.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to enable your sourcing strategy in order to reach active and passive candidates.

Global talent solutions, powered locally.

With clients in more than 60 countries, Allegis Global Solutions has the expertise to help you succeed locally, and the footprint to help you scale that success globally. Our integrated solutions for permanent and contingent workers are designed to deliver greater agility, quality and speed in the acquisition and deployment of talent.

Let us help you transform your business from the talent up.

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