Turning Workforce Visibility into a Competitive Advantage

Data is a Game-Changer for Workforce Decision-Makers

How do you use the full power of your workforce data to achieve business outcomes? AGS helps clients answer that question every day. And the insights in our latest report can help you.

Contingent workforce, services procurement, talent acquisition, use of technology — learn how informed strategies yield better results for all parts of the traditional and extended workforce. Download the report today.


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Report Highlights Data-Driven Decisions That Deliver Results

Read about real-world examples of informed strategies that drove measurable outcomes and achieved goals. Areas of focus include:

  • Contingent Workforce Data for Better Visibility and Decision-Making: Reduce attrition. Avoid costly rate decisions. Eliminate process bottlenecks. Capture more candidates.

  • Services Procurement Analytics to Boost Value and Performance: Create business outcomes. Reduce compliances risks. Expand supplier options to control costs.

  • Data-Driven Recruitment Strategies to Enable Stronger Outcomes: Create a right-sized recruiting operation team. Reduce reliance on agency hires. Boost inclusion and diversity.

  • A Tech/Human Approach to Workforce Intelligence: Build truly informed strategies with leading-edge technology and human expertise.