Accelerate Hiring While Boosting Quality

A Higher Education Leader Reduces Hiring Costs by 30% and Raises Retention to 93%


30% Savings

Decrease in cost-per-hire
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2X Volume 

Increase in annual hires placed

93% Retention

Year-over-year rate across all labor categories

Higher education institutions face unique workforce challenges. Fluctuating staffing needs, process-heavy search committees and consensus-building efforts can weigh down the hiring process. Meanwhile, priorities for sourcing diverse candidates can add to timelines, while the pressure to fill positions quickly is great as organizations struggle to have staff in place when semesters begin.

In the face of these demands for speed and quality in hiring, a global public university specializing in distance learning overcame the challenges to secure the right staff, quickly and effectively. Behind the successful effort is a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) program from Allegis Global Solutions (AGS). Implemented in 2012, the program covers all US-based operations, has expanded scope to cover global recruitment, adopted new technology to provide increased value, and embraced an evolving strategy that delivers consistent results and increased impact over time.

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83% Faster Process

Reduction in average time-to-hire

1,300 New Hires

Positions filled annually across the globe

Achieving Short-Term Goals and Evolving Long-Term Strategy

Through its recruitment relationship, the higher education institution has achieved consistent cost savings and increased retention while elevating its reputation as an employer of choice.

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The Conditions

Much like other higher education institutions, the university suffered from a costly, time-intensive, in-house hiring process that struggled to attract talent. Their initial focus was to identify, source, hire and place full-time professors, part-time adjuncts, as well as finance, marketing and HR staff in the US.

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The Program

The university began by replacing in-house recruiting efforts with a single function under executive leadership, outsourcing all US-based employee talent acquisition through AGS’ RPO. AGS drew on higher education industry trends and its own metrics for comprehensive management reporting with dashboards highlighting recruitment results, overall recruiting function performance, hiring management/candidate satisfaction, the competitive landscape and diversity metrics.

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Impact and Evolution

The consolidated recruiting function shortened time-to-interview metrics and significantly increased the number of qualified candidates submitted to hiring managers. Through the RPO, the university achieved a 30% decrease in cost-per-hire. The program increased hiring manager satisfaction based on candidate quality from 83% to 96% and reduced average time-to-hire from one year to two months. Following positive US-based results with the university, the program has since expanded to include 60 countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, with 1,300 hires placed annually across all of the organization’s operations and support units. AGS also recently implemented an AI chatbot to continue increasing candidate engagement and quality.

Capturing Value

The ability to demonstrate improvements in time-to-hire, turnover, risk and cost-per-hire is essential to an effective talent acquisition strategy. Likewise, quality-of-hire, access to wider talent pools, alignment to workforce strategy, competitive advantage, revenue and productivity all contribute to continuing talent acquisition success. Since the launch of the RPO program, detailed metrics have captured key areas of value.

Time-Reducing and Cost-Saving Measures

Enabled by a comprehensive RPO, the institution’s recruiting function has delivered continuously increasing value for the university system. Areas of impact include:

  • Time-to-fill reduced to two months on average, decreasing the time commitment by over 83%

  • 93% retention rate across all labor categories, which, based on industry projections that 17% of higher education institutions’ staff will retire in the next five years, is pivotal to this customer’s future success

  • A doubling of hiring volumes since the program’s inception, with 1,300 hires currently placed across the globe each year at a 30% decrease in hiring costs

  • Introduction of new technology to eliminate time-consuming tasks across multiple steps of the hiring process

Increased Goal Alignment

To understand and systematically improve the hiring experience, the program implemented a Net Promoter Score (NPS) system with direct involvement from RPO account leadership. NPS scores from hiring managers and new hires rose by nearly 20 points in two years – starting from the 40s and 60s (Good to Excellent range) to average year-to-date scores of 90 for both hiring manager satisfaction and new hire satisfaction (World-Class) as of Q3 2021. The program has since maintained World-Class scores.

Quality Assurance

More than 42% of higher education institutions have no succession planning in place, so as they fill today’s vacancies, they cannot compromise on quality. Addressing the issue, the recruiting strategy focused on high-quality, right-fit candidates, raising hiring manager satisfaction from 83% to 96% and achieving what is now a 93% retention rate.

Technology Advancements

The university recently implemented new technology through its AGS program. An AI chatbot on the university’s career site connects with candidates and enables 24/7 candidate engagement. The tool increases back-end efficiencies and includes a calendaring function, removing time-consuming tasks so recruiters can focus on meaningful interactions.

Uncover Tailored Talent Acquisition Solutions Through RPO

Engaging the right RPO partner is essential to developing the best strategy for your organization and implementing a successful and sustainable program. AGS provides the tools to achieve your talent acquisition and management goals while delivering a positive financial impact.

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Apply an Objective, Data-Driven Strategy

Leverage data and technology to analyze and solve an array of challenges, from increasing candidate quality and retention to saving time and decreasing costs. AGS’ transformative RPO solutions apply today’s smartest technologies to address critical challenges, from performance tracking, strategy development and data reporting, to candidate management, market intelligence, technology solutions, supplier management and more.

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Take Advantage of Our Global Reach

AGS offers RPO services to 60+ countries in multiple languages. With operations in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, our solutions meet the changing, complex, global demands of your business. As a global Leader on the Everest Group Peak Matrix™ for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for the sixth consecutive year, AGS continues to meet customer needs across the globe through a combination of onsite services, over 400 offices globally and our global network of recruitment delivery centers.


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AGS provides the expertise and insights needed to reach your goals today and offers the flexibility to take on future talent acquisition challenges and strategic opportunities as a committed, long-term partner. Through continuous program review and adoption of new practices, AGS aligns its industry leadership, investment in technology and development of its people to help you better engage the resources you need to "get work done."

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