Getting Strategic About the Extended Workforce

A Real-World View From Today’s Procurement Leaders

The extended workforce is growing more complex, making procurement strategies and decisions more challenging than ever. Learn how procurement leaders are adjusting to the increasingly intricate mix of permanent employees, contingent workers and services providers driving business today.

Based on a survey of business and procurement leaders commissioned by Allegis Global Solutions, this report takes a measured, three-part look at business perspectives and practices related to workforce procurement. Learn about:

  • Current pain points, including the struggle to manage different types of non-employee workers, compliance, visibility and access to talent

  • The path forward, looking at the need for consistent processes and the push to deliver and measure impact on the business

  • Priorities for transformation, from adjusting to COVID-19 economic turbulence to achieving a more holistic procurement and workforce strategy

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Learn How Your Priorities Stack Up With Today’s Procurement Leaders

  • Managing Resources: 55% of companies struggle to manage their contingent staffing agencies, and nearly half (47%) struggle to manage statement of work (SOW)-based services.

  • Consistency of Processes: The largest portion of respondents rate their processes for engaging and managing contingent talent as only somewhat consistent (50%).

  • Worker Classification: 56% of respondents consider accurately classifying contingent resources as a top priority.

  • Growing Importance of Flexibility: Over one-third of respondents claim their priorities for increasing the flexibility of their contingent workforce management strategy have “moderately” (27%) or “greatly” (11%) increased.

  • An Emphasis on Holistic Workforce Strategy: Most respondents have prioritized (40%) or already use (21%) a holistic approach to attracting and hiring all forms of talent — as part of their corporate plan.