Engaging a Right-Sized MSP

A Business Case for Mid-Market Companies

Think your contingent workforce needs are too small to benefit from a managed service provider (MSP) solution? Think again!

• A right-sized MSP can deliver the impact you need, whether you manage 100 contingent workers and $5 million in spend or 10,000 workers and $500 million.

• An MSP can help you lower contingent workforce costs, increase visibility into your workforce, improve access to talent and reduce compliance risks.

• From the C-suite and finance to HR, procurement and operations, an MSP creates a positive impact for all parts of the business.

Learn how to build internal stakeholder support for a contingent workforce strategy that will deliver strategic value across your company.


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Learn how an MSP Solution Can Align to Your Stakeholders’ Needs

Through a focused MSP solution, small and mid-market companies can deliver value to all key stakeholders:

  • The C-Suite: Visibility for strategic planning, cost control and risk management

  • HR and Talent Acquisition: A consistent approach to contracts and engagement with talent suppliers

  • Procurement: Cost control and savings, performance metrics, improved speed and candidate quality

  • Operations: Better access to quality talent and alignment of suppliers to business needs