A New Look at Procurement and Talent Priorities

Survey Findings and Expert Insights for a Changing EMEA Workforce

Procurement and talent leaders in EMEA are taking stock of their organisations’ workforce strategies for both traditional permanent hiring and contingent workforce engagement.

Learn how workforce decision-makers are shifting their priorities to boost cost control, quality of results and overall impact on the organisation.


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Report Reveals Areas of Focus for Workforce Decision-Makers

Learn how organizations view key issues and areas of focus in today’s permanent and contingent workforce environment. Examples include:

  • Roughly 60% of surveyed procurement decision-makers view acquiring talent as a priority.

  • Most organisations (50-70%) use supplier-owned technologies in areas of HR and talent management.

  • Only 16% of respondents view their benefits and rewards programs as “excellent”.

  • 55% of organisations use a hybrid model of in-house/external resources to drive learning and development.

  • And much more!