The Shape of Talent Acquisition Across Europe

Insights from a Survey of Talent and HR Leaders

This report reveals some challenges talent acquisition (TA) and HR leaders face and provides clear takeaways to transform your recruitment strategy. Among the survey findings:

  • Over 60% think they could use data to deliver better insight.

  • Only about half foster an active community of talent.

  • 70% are looking into continued transformation for their practice, often with external partners.

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Key Areas of Workforce Transformation

shape of ta report with spacingDownload the report to uncover areas of opportunity and actionable strategies for your business:

  • Data and Analytics: Improvement areas include measuring performance, capturing and communicating information, and connecting better data with TA and business outcomes.

  • Technology: Dissatisfaction with hiring technology is dropping, but 70% are still not using best-in-class technology today.

  • Community and Network: Engaging an active community across social networks and digital platforms helps to diversify recruitment and overcome hiring hurdles.

  • Employer Branding: The candidate experience is key to an effective employer brand, and companies are looking for ways to improve.