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The Road Ahead for Talent Acquisition in Asia-Pacific 

5 Priorities to Guide Transformative Change 

Learn five strategic imperatives for talent acquisition (TA) in Asia-Pacific (APAC) that support an agile approach to workforce management.  

  • Transforming TA using a rolling, strategic roadmap  

  • Adopting flexible work arrangements 

  • Connecting real-time data to business outcomes 

  • Understanding the role of technology and digital demands 

  • Fostering talent communities to build connection 

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Insights from a Survey of Talent and HR Leaders

This report reveals some challenges talent acquisition (TA) and HR leaders face and provides clear takeaways to transform your recruitment strategy. Among the survey findings:

  • Over 60% think they could use data to deliver better insight.

  • Only about half foster an active community of talent.

  • 70% are looking into continued transformation for their practice, often with external partners.

Building the Future Workforce Today 

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Download the report for strategies to transform the future of talent acquisition and human resources, engage workers, and provide value to the organisations you serve. Plus, gain access to exclusive commentary and predictions from AGS leaders in the APAC region, such as: 

  • Sarah Wong, Vice President of AGS APAC 
  • Gabriel Young, Senior Director and Head of Strategic Growth of AGS APAC
  • Justin McAvoy, Executive Director, APAC
  • Lily Ye, General Manager of AGS China 
  • Loy Tong Chia, Senior Consultant of AGS China 
  • Samuel Ho, Senior Manager of Technology and Analytics 
  • Shruthi Rao, Director of Human Capital Solutions at AGS India