Compliance Monitor

Highlights of the Evolving Regulatory Landscape
Q1 2021

Welcome to the Compliance Monitor. In this issue, we cover new examples of regulatory developments influencing workforce strategies for companies around the world. With stories drawn from third-party sources and commentary based on AGS expertise and experience, we look at issues ranging from worker classification, IR35 and Brexit, to H1-Bs, immigration, retirement restructuring, workplace safety, and more.

This update provides a small taste of the vast, changing regulatory environment we monitor every day. If you have questions or would like to discuss these topics further, please reach out to your AGS Program Team or email


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Coronavirus Considerations for Businesses

Since March 2020, AGS has maintained a COVID-19 Resource Center to help clients and businesses keep abreast of evolving developments related to workforce and workplace policies. In addition, here are some examples of compliance and labor issues companies should monitor as they move forward.

North America

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US: Biden Administration Freezes Proposed Regulations on Worker Classification

Typical in a Presidential transition, the new Administration has paused unpublished rules.

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US & Canada: Both Employees and Contractors are Among Growing Alphabet Workers Union

Some workers at tech giants are joining emerging unions, presenting employers with new challenges.

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US: H1-B Electronic Registration Process Could Undergo Changes

The USCIS seeks a wage-based selection process for H1-Bs, ending the visa lottery.

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US: Age Discrimination Claim Denied in Worker Performance Case

The employer’s records painted a case for performance-based termination, not age discrimination.


HM Revenue and Customs tax paperwork

UK: AGS Launches IR35 Resource Site to Help Companies Prepare for April Countdown

Companies preparing for IR35’s expected implementation in April have a new resource available.

United Kingdom Customs

UK: Points-Based Immigration System Updated

For companies looking to hire talent from the EU, a revised scoring system will determine visa eligibility.

Brexit bus stop poster that says

UK: Brexit Trade Deal Excludes Financial Services, With Data Sharing and Privacy Rules to Come

GDPR is here to stay – at least for now. Read more, plus what changes UK companies should expect from the Brexit Trade Deal.

European Union flag and contract on desk with glasses and tablet

Poland & Hungary: EU Ruling Influences Posting of Workers and Services Across Region

An EU directive will likely affect the supply, demand and costs associated with this group of workers.


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India: A Government-Mandated Wage Code Restructuring Could Boost Retirement Income

A newly defined wage code could provide greater social security to workers with expansion plans to include gig economy workers.

Man wearing safety glasses and hat in industrial area

China: Heavier Penalties for Violating Workplace Safety Measures Being Considered

Legislators are set to discuss how to ensure that companies continue to take workforce safety seriously.

business woman

Australia: New Reform Bill Aims to Protect Workers, Define Casual Employment

Clarity around what differentiates casual workers from employees could drive better visibility and enhance workers’ rights.

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