AGS and Brightfield are Transforming Extended Workforce Management

You need better visibility into the complexity of spend to make better business and pricing decisions for your workforce and business needs. You seek control over how prices and contract terms are set. And you want intelligence to shape and change decision behaviors, and scale and flex supplier rosters.

Until today, these challenges slowed down your business. Well, no more. Through the power of Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) and Brightfield, we’re delivering actionable intelligence and prescriptive advice to drive enduring performance improvement and cost management for customers worldwide.

Allegis Global Solutions & Brightfield partnership

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Bolstering Workforce Analytics for Better Decisions

As Brightfield’s first Platinum MSP Partner, AGS is the first to have our teams certified on Brightfield’s TDX platform. Here’s what you can expect as a result:

  • Unparalleled transparency into extended workforce operations and economics for dramatically improved data-driven decision-making

  • Cutting-edge automation that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to simplify and speed sourcing

  • Continuous cost management to drive operational efficiency and free funds for critical growth investments

  • Operational agility to adjust supply strategies in real time, based on the fast-emerging opportunities and changing business objectives of modern work

“Through this partnership, we are delivering the world’s only technology platform for digitizing management of the labor supply chain through the hands-on guidance of a market-leading industry expert. The future of work has arrived, and by aligning the delivery of these two companies’ world-class capabilities — unmatched anywhere else in the industry — we enable customers everywhere to unlock the potential of the extended workforce.”

  - Jesse Levin, CEO, Brightfield 

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The most innovative and forward-thinking companies around the world are already reaping the benefits of the power of AGS and Brightfield. Complete the form above to begin a discussion with our workforce solutions experts about how to empower your company’s extended workforce strategy today!