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Benchmark your talent acquisition performance

Competition for talent is intense. We have therefore designed our analytics tools to support organisations in understanding the relationship between their business, brand, and hiring experience. By using consistent best practice frameworks and market insight, AGS analytics enable you to benchmark your talent acquisition against peers and industry standards to provide peace of mind on your comparative performance and prioritise improvement opportunities.

If you’re looking to understand how your talent acquisition is performing or how your brand is positioned in the market AGS Analytics could be for you.

AGS’ range of analytics and audit tools are flexible which allows us to design a bespoke programme of analysis aligned to your organisations process and strategy. This means the resulting insights are specific to your structure and any change or recommendations are validated with data to build a supporting business case.


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A simple five step process

Engage with AGS Resourcing Analytics  and we will:

  • Capture how your current service is both performing and perceived internally across your company

  • Benchmark your performance against industry peers and competitors

  • Identify opportunities for improved and optimal performance

  • Translate findings into practical solutions for your business

  • Build a validated business case for transformation

    *Pricing is dependent on project scale and scope